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But don’t take our word for it.

“It wasn’t that I am not looking for ways to save money in the operation of my three car wash locations, but on this late autumn afternoon I must admit I was concentrating on other aspects of my business. Terry Chambers, a neighbor and long time acquaintance stopped by my office and asked why do you I use 23” polybags to protect my rear window wipers? It was a question I hadn’t been asked before. My response was something to the effect that some of the SUV's we wash have 23” wipers. Mr. Chamber’s second question was more to the point—“Would you be interested in saving money on shorter bags since 97% of your customers aren’t SUV's?” Now that question intrigued me because it involved an item I use often, yet never considered changing. I asked Terry for a quotation and 10 samples of two different thicknesses so I could convince myself they would work. The very next day, I had a quote on my desk and two days later the samples for testing.

After a week of tests, I ordered 10,000 -2”x 18”x 0.02 mm polybags for my three card wash locations and saved 35% by simply reducing the polybag length. Terry Chambers used a trip through my car wash to recognize an area where I could save money. It was an area of savings which I had overlooked. I thanked him for his diligence on following up on a simple idea. It was a win for me and my company.”


packaging specialists
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