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Quality Plastic Pallets

CPP Plastic Pallets represent an economical alternative to wooden pallets for the safe and clean handling and shipping of products locally, regionally and internationally.  See the extensive collection of reusable CPP Plastic Pallets below.  Contact us and we will help you find a workable solution for your needs. 

Replace your wooden pallets with Plastic Pallets today!

Wooden Pallets have always been the low cost leader for shipping products around the world. Recent developments however, including a worldwide lumber shortage; tighter specifications for wood treatment; and the implementation of ISPM15 compliant requirements effective 3/1/2005 in the European Union and a 9/16/2005 enforcement for the United States, Canada and Mexico have caused significant increases in the cost of wooden pallets.

Features and advantages of plastic pallets:

  • Light weight saves on transportation charges
  • Clean and easy to handle
  • No water absorption
  • No bacterial growth
  • Impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors
  • Free of nails and splinters
  • Sterilization at 250 Degrees F possible for food and pharmaceutical products
  • Volume saving in warehousing and transport of nested pallets
  • Suitable for forklift and/or pallet jack
  • Easy and problem-free overseas and export shipments, because the plastic pallets do not require costly sirex treatment and paperwork.
  • High quality is guaranteed thanks to continuous control of both raw material and final product
  • Environmental friendly product of 100% recycled plastics
  • Completely recyclable


CPP Plastic Pallets are most suitable for air cargo and export shipping.  Smooth and clean surfaces of the CPP Plastic Pallets are approved for handling food and beverage products.  Nestability of these weather resistant, reusable pallets allows the stacking  of 40 pallets a 14 square foot footprint-valuable warehouse space is saved.  Modern production facilities ensure consistent high quality standards are being met.  Call, fax or email us with quantities and/or questions to get delivered pricing quotes on your pallet needs.

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packaging specialists
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