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The packaging industry is filled with employees with little practical industry experience. Chambers Packaging has a combined experience of over 60 years in creatively solving packaging problems. Terry Chambers, president and owner, has been in the industry since 1974. The sales and technical staff at Chambers upgrade their skills by participating in training programs by

1. Chambers carries a large selection of every imaginable packaging materials and supplies and we match the highest quality materials to meet your requirements.

• Large Selection in excess of 15,000 items available. Go to e-catalog
• We do source the impossible to find items. Go to e-catalog
• We match highest quality within required specifications.

2. Chambers offers competitive pricing.

• Competitive pricing based upon delivered basis.
• No minimum order size.
• We include closest price breaks to show you the best quantity discounts.
• We make doing business easy by offering terms and convenient payment methods

3. Chambers is known for great personalized customer service (including timely delivery)
. More

• Over 60 years of packaging experience and expertise.
• Save valuable time by dealing with a single source and knowledgeable staff.
• Experience the “Can-Do” attitude of our staff. Click for details
• Offer FREE packaging consultant services. Click for details
• Offer FREE sample testing program. Click for details

4. Chambers works with our customers to make sure that all transactions are smooth and to quickly resolve any problems.
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• We have a process to ensure customers are always satisfied.
• We follow a customer friendly mission statement.

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Save Time and Aggravation The Next Time You Order

When was the last time you called a packaging company and could actually talk to a human being, rather than a machine? Chambers prides itself on having a single point of contact with the customer. You will be talking personally with either Carol, Rick, or Terry. Chambers will gladly do all the legwork, research your exact needs and offer alternatives. If the item can be specified in enough detail to quote, quotations are sent back the same day. Chambers gets it right the first time so you don’t have to go back and reorder and reship. Once you call in and talk to either Carol, Rick, or Terry we run with it, so you can move on to other matters and be assured that you will receive a definite response by the end of the next business day – Guaranteed!
Talk to a real person now!

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packaging specialists

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